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Kids City Wonder Vogue

never been so amused like before...

Our little guests could explore the world together with unreal fun in a designed mini city. Wonder Vogue - a city in which children could have fun and unforgettably spend their holiday, playing and learning. This city, which was just reduced in size, has its roads, its own city hall, a fire station, a police station, cinema and other shopping & amusement centers. Entering into a mini city, our little guests are registered and issued Wonder Vogue passports. Once registered, children become full citizens of the Wonder Vogue country.

For Young Entrepreneurs and Business women ...

Our small guests work in the city, they earn money (Vogue money), spend or hoard them. They have the opportunity to choose one of the more than 10 professions and go through training. Based on the chosen profession kids get the uniforms and proceed to work!

In Wonder Vogue little guests live an adult life and of course all these activities are under control of teachers.

The pastime of kids between 4 to 17 years old in Wonder Vogue contributes to self-esteem, creative development and intellection, socialize and help with the choice in future profession. In addition, the mini city promotes physical and mental development and familiarize kids with the real world.

- For future bankers "Vogue" Bank

- Fun pastime, educational games are waiting for children at "Vogue" University

- In order to overcome the fear of the dental cabinet - Dentist "Vogue"

- For the brave rescuers operated fire station "Wonder Vogue"

- For small guests, who love to watch movies, we offer  two separate cinema "Vogue"

- Sharing the secrets of Hotel Business in a 5 * Vogue Royal Hotel. Also, this place is a perfect one for sleeping  and resting

- Kids could spend earned Vogue money in a toy store "Vogue Shop"

- There is "Vogue" driving school for the mini drivers

- Of course, our city needs guardians and that is why the city also has "Vogue"police station

-  Children could experience the beauty of nature in a small photo studio "Vogue"

- None day without sport! - "Vogue" Fitness Salon

- Enjoy self cooked meal in the restaurant "Wonder Vogue"

- And much more for our very most favorite guests .........

According to Hotel Consept Wonder Vogue is opened from 15th of May till 15th of October.